The Northern Territory

Australia’s Northern Territory …

A Land Of Opportunities

It’s a region like no other. With just over 225,900 people from over 90 different ethnic groups, it stretches from the centre of the Australian continent to its top. Its climatic range is vast, as are the distances between its cities and towns. It boasts a booming economy being driven by some of the largest infrastructure projects in the world, and its people enjoy an enviable tropical lifestyle in a safe, secure, unpolluted environment. The booming local economy is underpinned by a busy small and medium business sector, providing an excellent environment for establishing new businesses. It is also hungry for skilled workers of virtually every type. It is Australia’s Northern Territory and at this time it probably offers the greatest opportunities for migrants in the world.

The capital of the Northern Territory is Darwin, with a population of more than 132,000. The near-by satellite city of Palmerston has around 33,000 residents, and the outer rural area of Litchfield a further 20,000. Darwin is a deep water port located on the Arafura Sea and is the main supply hub for the oil and gas industries located in the Timor Sea and nearby Asia. It is also the base for a large contingent of the Royal Australian Navy, Army and Airforce. Darwin is a modern, well serviced city with excellent educational facilities and a system similar to those in other Australian States. It also has modern, new, sporting facilities, and good shopping based on several shopping precincts containing a number of major retail chains and outlets.

Darwin has major public and private hospitals in addition to a well developed arts and cultural sector. It is undergoing rapid expansion and development to cater for the needs of the increasing tourism market, and expanding population. The city’s face has been transformed by the Darwin City Waterfront Project which has seen an old port area and associated warehouses transformed into a convention centre, apartments and shopping precinct, with gardens, public open spaces, wave pool, restaurants and hotels.

Due to its deep water port, international airport and excellent road links and railway south, Darwin has become Australia’s “Gateway To Asia”. The city stands at the northern end of the Australian trade route, and with its modern facilities and stability, it is the logical entry and exit point for the country’s exports and imports. This active sector of the economy also provides excellent growth prospects for investors and opportunities for skilled workers.

There are two seasons in the Top End of the Territory, the “wet” from November to April, and the aptly named “dry” from May to October. The wet is monsoon season. Days are humid and hot, with thunderstorms drenching and cleaning the air late afternoon of most days. The dry, by contrast, has clear blue, rain free skies for the entire time and temperatures constant at around 29 degrees celcius.

The Territory’s other major cities are Alice Springs, known as “The Alice” home to some 29,000 people right in the geographical centre of Australia. Alice Springs has good education, health and sporting facilities, is linked to Darwin and southward to Adelaide by road and rail, and by air to the rest of the country. As well as being the geographic heart of Australia, Alice Springs is the heart of The Territory’s tourism industry, with thousands of visitors annually arriving by rail, road and air to take in the wonders of Uluru (Ayres Rock) Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and the ruggedly beautiful scenery of the wild McDonnell ranges. With a climate that welcomes outdoor living all year round, and some of the best fishing and bush-scenery in the country, it is no wonder that so many people from so many different parts of the world have made it their home. Australia’s Northern Territory is waiting for you … And so are unlimited opportunities!

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