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                                               MULTICULTURAL AFFAIRS

                    Australia is the most successful multicultural country in the world. We believe in a fair go for
                                 all and are tolerant and respectful of each other’s differences.
                     We see migrant success stories in every town, every suburb, and every community in our
                     nation— positive examples of people who have worked hard and dedicated themselves to
                                    providing a better life for themselves and their families.
                     Throughout our history, immigration has been absolutely fundamental to our success as a
                       nation. Immigration helps grow our economy, broadens our horizons, and reduces the
                                             impact of our geographic isolation.
                     Millions of migrants from all over the world have chosen to embrace Australia’s values and
                        democratic way of life. There are great opportunities in Australia for people who are
                                         prepared to work hard and do the right thing.
                       Australia’s temporary and permanent migration programs provide multiple avenues for
                                          people to visit, stay and work in Australia.
                      Our permanent and temporary skilled visa programs fill local skills shortages, increase
                             investment and encourage talented people to work and live in Australia.
                     We’re focused on regional migration, and are backing regional areas looking for growth to
                                                secure their economic future.
                        The introduction of two new regional visas, the creation of tailored Designated Area
                      Migration Agreements (DAMAs), changes to our Working Holiday Maker programs and
                    priority processing for regional visas are supporting regional communities and businesses to
                                                access the skills they need.
                      Skilled migration is the lynchpin of our annual migration program, accounting for around
                       70% of the intake. Skilled migrants add value to Australian businesses, they generate
                     significant tax revenue and they start their own companies. They create the conditions that
                                        lead to more Australian jobs and opportunities.
                     This year, the Australian Government introduced the Global Talent—Independent program,
                     which will seek out the very best people in high growth industries and encourage them to
                        come to Australia to help grow those industries. It gives the most highly skilled and
                        specialised people around the world, an opportunity to permanently live and work in
                     The Working Holiday Maker program enables young people from eligible countries to live
                        and travel in Australia for up to three years, with short-term study and work options
                      available. Work and holiday makers generally stay longer and travel further into regional
                       areas, supporting communities while learning about Australia’s rich cultural diversity.
                    The Student visa program allows non-citizens to study in internationally recognised centres
                            of learning, experiencing the Australian culture and making lifelong friends.
                     And our Family visa programs allow families to reunite and stay together – delivering great
                                          social benefits to families across Australia.
                        I hope that you find the information in The Australian Immigration Book useful and

                                               The Hon David Coleman MP
                       Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs
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