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Migration Alliance                                                                                                                   FREE HELP

                                Australia’s No.1 immigration site
                                                                                                                                                                          to connect energy

           Australia grants 1 permanent visa about every 3 minutes.  It simply has to, in order to survive.                                                                and broadband to
           In the 2015-2016 Migration Programme, the government said it will issue a total of 190,000
           permanent residence visas. The current migration planning levels have remained constant for several                                                      your home in Australia
           years now. These numbers are however too little and need to be increased before it is too late.
           Australia’s migration intake needs to increase over the next 30 years to slow the country’s rate of
           ageing, according to the report “The Economic Benefit of Migration” released by the Migration
           Council of Australia (MCA). The MCA’s independent economic modelling found that migration                                    Let FAST CONNECT arrange all
           levels need to increase to 250,000 a year to maintain the country’s economy. Without migration,
           Australia’s population will remain at its currently levels of about 24 million in the year 2050 but                      your home connections in Australia
           with a demographic overwhelmingly populated by an ageing workforce and retirees.
           Only a strong migration programme can guarantee a young skilled workforce, given years of low                                    • Electricity • Telephone
           birth rates. Recently the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that birth-rates are now at the
           lowest levels in 10 years.
           A healthy migration program, would see a population of about 38 million in 2050 with migration                                       • Natural Gas • Water
           contributing AUD1,625 billion (AUD1.6 trillion) to Australia’s GDP, noted the MCA report. Such
           a program would help maintain the country’s productivity and international competitiveness. A
           strong migration programme guarantees Australia remains a highly skilled nation well into the                           • Broadband Internet • Pay TV
           The stark reality then is that the “Lucky Country” needs more migrants or a great deal more of luck
           by the year 2050.                                                                                                              Makes your move to Australia
           The Migration Alliance is today Australia’s peak body for the migration advisory
           industry. It is an independent organisation formed in 2009 to provide the industry with                                      easier, saves you time & money
           trusted leadership.
           Since inception, the aim of Migration Alliance has been to properly represent Registered
           Migration Agents in Australia; to lobby the Australian Government against unfair migration
           legislation and policies; and to represent the Australian migration community on an
           international stage.
                                       Migration Alliance is a stakeholder of the Department of
                                       Immigration and Border Protection  (DIBP) and is included in DIBP’s
                                       stakeholder briefings and consultations. Migration Alliance also
                                       participates in Federal and State government liaison meetings,                                     Get connected now at:
                                       meetings with the Office of the MARA and Members of Parliament
                                       and their staff. Migration Alliance also makes submissions to
                                       estimates committees such as the Legal and Constitutional Affairs
                                       Committee, Senate Estimates, and Productivity Commission on                           
                                       behalf of its members.

                                       Liana Allan
                                       Registered Migration Agent 0104178

                  Address: Level 1, 73 York Street Sydney NSW 2000  Phone: + 61 2 9008 1306  Email: [email protected]            THIS SERVICE IS FUNDED BY THESE PARTICIPATING
                                Address: Suite 600, 99 South Almaden Blvd. San Jose, CA 95113  United States                              PROVIDERS AND IS FREE TO RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS
                                    Phone: + 1 609 669 231 8762 Email: [email protected]

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