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Our Australia

                Skilled migration for the 2014-15 program year is set   in both the private and government sectors. Skilled migrants
           at 125,850 places.                                   complement Australia’s existing labour force meeting skills
                Australia welcomes highly experienced business and   shortages and helping ensure Australia’s highly developed
           skilled people who can bring their global expertise, capital   economy continues to grow.
           and skills to Australia. Business people and skilled workers   Such investment can also help the supply side of the
           can apply to migrate through one of the following categories   economy, by introducing labour, skills and money into
           of the migration program:                            Australia. New businesses being set up by migrants and
           n    employer sponsored migration                    their contributions to new technologies also contribute to
           n    general skilled migration or                    the Australian economy. All these are considered important
           n    business skills migration.                      elements in a time of high technology growth and increasing
                General skilled migrants are people whose education,   international cooperation and competition.
           skills and  ready ‘employability’  will contribute to the   Temporary residence:
           Australian economy. They make up the largest part of the
                                                                     Business people needing to come to Australia for
           program’s skills component, which includes the skilled   genuine business purposes and highly skilled specialists
           independent visa, skilled Australian sponsored visas, and   coming for work may apply for temporary residence in
           state and territory sponsored visas, where state and territory   Australia. The 457 temporary business visa provides for
           governments can nominate skilled people that are required
                                                                stays of up to four years and requires sponsorship from the
           to fill identified skill shortages at the state or territory level.  employer. The occupation to be filled must be skilled and
                Within  employer-sponsored  migration  the  major   pay at least a minimum salary level.
           category is the employer nomination scheme (ENS), which   Business visitor visas are available to business people
           allows Australian employers to sponsor workers from
                                                                seeking to enter to negotiate contracts, attend conferences
           overseas, or who are temporarily working in Australia, to fill   or business meetings, visit suppliers and branch companies
           skilled vacancies in their business permanently.     and related visits. For further information and to obtain the
                Employers in regional or low population growth   application form, visit:
           areas can also sponsor workers through the regional
           sponsored migration scheme (RSMS), which provides some   Character, health and security checks:
           concessions to facilitate migration to these areas. Regional   All permanent visa applicants need to meet health
           or low population growth areas of Australia which allow   criteria, including all members of the family and all children
           for RSMS migration include all of Australia other than,   of any adults in the family aged under 18 (whether in the
           Melbourne, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sydney, Wollongong   adult’s custody or not, and whether migrating or not). All
           and Newcastle.                                       physical and mental health conditions need to be assessed,
                The business skills category is intended to attract   even if no medical intervention is planned. Applicants are
           successful business owners and investors to settle and   also required to undergo character and security checking.
           establish new businesses which generate employment,   Australia’s promising future:
           introduce new technology and develop links with           Australia is a culturally diverse and welcoming country.
           international markets.                               The diversity of its people and its high levels of social
                For information about general skilled migration you
                                                                cohesion are due to its ability to welcome people from a
           should visit the departments website: /Trav/  wide variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds into the
           Visa-1 to obtain up-to-date information.
                                                                Australian nation.
           Economic impact of immigration:                           Australia continues to attract people with the right skills
                Australia’s  growing  population  spends  and  invests   and attitudes. This book gives an overview of what Australia
           more, thus contributing to the expansion of the country’s   has to offer and how new migrants will benefit by participating
           economy. Along with such essentials as food and housing,   in and contributing to the future of this great country.
           migrants set up new businesses and helps business expansion   For general information about visas, charges and forms, visit
           through  investment  and  their  contributions  to  new   the DIBPs website: or contact your nearest
           technologies, which then produce extra goods and services   Australian mission or DIBP office.
            12   Why Australia

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